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    Sell Your Home in Greater Los Angeles Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Make your home stand out with Randy Plaice and Associates!

    Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to view any listing on the market. As agents, we can enter a home into the MLS, click a button, and watch it automatically appear on Zillow, Trulia, etc. Unfortunately, that can also make it harder for Buyers to distinguish one listing from another. After a certain point, they all tend to look the same. We wanted our listings to stand out from the crowd, so we decided to keep pushing. Want to learn more about how we can help you sell your home? Request a call and I’ll follow up with you to schedule an appointment.

    How We Do It

    • Facebook Advertising
    • Professional Photography
    • Home Video Tours
    • Community Experts

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