We believe that we are fortunate to be able to help you and your family with your Real Estate needs and for the life that it affords us at the same time.  Because of the loyalty of so many of our past and current clients and friends, we are now able to make our business a "for purpose" business.  This means we are going to focus on a key charity each quarter and create a lofty goal for that charity which a large portion of the proceeds of what we make will go towards helping that cause.  Below there are links to some of the groups that we have and will continue to support.  

As President of the Genesis Dream Foundation, I am passionate about helping the orphaned children in Mexico find safe, stable homes as well as healthy food, education, and bright and exciting futures.  All proceeds we donate go directly to the kids with no admin fees taken.

Animal Tracks, Inc. is an amazing organization that provides education about wild animals and in doing so, gives home and love to many breeds of monkeys, birds, alligators, pigs, and much more.  If you're an animal lover this is a really great place to visit and to give to.  We donate food for the animals that we know they like and are healthy as well as monetary donations towards the expansion and improvement of the living quarters for the animals. 

Have a charity you're passionate about?  We would LOVE to hear about it!

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