Santa Clarita is a great place to live. How do I know? I’ve lived here for years and there are a ton of great benefits to owning a home in this area.

The main reason I moved here was for my kids. I wanted them to grow up in a safe environment with a great school district. That was my No. 1 concern, a concern I share with a lot of people that choose to move here.

In terms of home value, you get a lot of bang for your buck in Santa Clarita. It’s an affordable place to live, which is always near the top of homebuyers’ lists.

“I can get to the Staples Center in 40 minutes.”

A lot of people think that Santa Clarita is way off the beaten path, but it’s really not. I have season tickets to the Lakers and I’m able to get to the Staples Center in around 40 minutes. There are also a lot of great shops and restaurants here, so you aren't really missing out on anything in the city. If you feel like you are, the good news is that you are still close enough to enjoy everything LA has to offer.

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