The spring market is coming very quickly and there are a lot of positive changes happening in the world of real estate.

This has been a very strong year for both buyers and sellers. It’s been a good year for buyers because interest rates are still low. Now, they are starting to go up a little bit but overall, they are still really favorable and people are starting to realize that. Talk to a local lender to see what interest rate you qualify for in the current market before rates go up further.

If you plan on selling your home, now is also a great time to get in the market. More and more buyers are coming into the market because of those low interest rates. Consumer confidence is also up this spring, as more people are eager to buy a home. Plus, buyers want to make a purchase now before interest rates go up, so as a seller, you have a really great advantage in this market.

“Your home looks incredible in the spring.”

There are other advantages to selling in the spring. For one, your home looks incredible in the spring. Flowers start to bloom and your home feels nicer; it’s not as cold and gloomy as it can be during the winter. In spring, your home can be more lively and beautiful. Spring is also a great time to photograph your home, so introduce it to the market and capitalize on all of those buyers who are waiting to buy your home.

Of course, real estate is hyperlocal, so every neighborhood’s market is slightly different. If you are curious about your specific neighborhood or if you have any other questions about the spring market in general, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!